Each day I ride the Tri-Met bus to work in Portland, Oregon. Often a fellow passenger engages in a telephone conversation that includes, “Hi, I’m on the bus, I’ll be there pretty soon,” so I made this the tagline for the blog. I always try to get a seat that faces the center aisle, partly so I do not have to move to let someone out as the bus is lurching to a stop, but also because it is the best place to see what is happening on the bus.Tri-Met bus on Lovejoy in Portland, Oregon.

Please note: I have heard that WordPress is running ads on my blog. I do not make any money from these ads, and I don’t want them to be here, but I am not willing to pay the $30 for the advertisement-free version of WordPress. Thank you for bearing with my frugality. Also please note that I hold the copyright to this blog. You are welcome to link to it – I just ask that you acknowledge me as the creator. Thank you for reading.


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