Friday Fotos

This evening I was heading home on the #12, in one of those seats where you face the people sitting across the aisle. The young couple across from me giggled. He sported a gray deerstalker and she wore windowpane plaid leggings. He took a large camera from his messenger bag, pointed it at me, and clicked several pictures. After each click he looked past me, feigning fascination with something out the bus window behind me. But the only thing behind me was a steep ivy-covered hillside, so clearly he was taking a picture of me. He put away his camera and looked up once more, this time, straight into my eyes. He knew that I knew. I reached into my messenger bag, pulled out my camera, and clicked his picture. I was saying, “You may lack sensitivity, which is just the way it is. But be advised that you underestimate me at your own risk.”

He seemed like an interesting person. Maybe he has a blog with my picture on it. 



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